Jolly Ranchers Cereal Is Coming To Shelves [PIC]

December 11, 2019

Megan Rage

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There are some strange cereals that have been coming out lately. Does this even count as a healthy balanced breakfast or is it just candy? I don’t know how I feel about milk going over a cereal that tastes like Jolly Ranchers, sounds weird to me but who knows.

Some people who have been able to taste test it early are saying it tastes like Trix, I can get down with that but then again, just buy Trix! It is in some select stores now and will be on shelves everywhere in March of 2020!

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It’s Review Time! 🍭 Back to blow our mind’s and taste buds, General Mill’s has once again turned a beloved snack into a delicious breakfast cereal! I present @generalmills Jolly Rancher Cereal! • • Now after trying the Sour Patch Kids cereal and not enjoying that at all except for as a dry snack, I was worried that this jew Jolly Rancher Cereal would fall into that same category. But much to my surprise that was not the case! Now right off the bat after opening this cereal, you’re greeted with a sweet and flavorful smell just like an assortment bag of Jolly Ranchers! Now when it comes to taste I want to be 100% honest with you guy’s in saying that I feel like these guy’s are just a re branded Trix with a slighttt flavor difference. And I love Trix, so i’m in no way saying this cereal is bad it’s actually really good. It’s just I wish that we could have had that really spot on Jolly Rancher Taste. At the end of the day this is a great go to snack whether your eating it dry or in a bowl of milk! 6.5/10 🌟 • • Box artwork done by one of my favorite all time artist’s! @klyonsnatborn , Everyone go check him out!

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