Watch Joey Chestnut Break A Record And Eat Over 18,000 Calories While Doing It [VIDEO]

March 5, 2020

Megan Rage

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Is it weird that this made me hungry? What I wouldn’t do for a Big Mac right now, maybe I’ll have to wait until my next cheat day. That’s what Joey Chestnut called the day he decided to smash 32 Big Macs from McDonald’s to break the world record, his “cheat day”. Bruh, on my cheat days I eat a bag of Cheeto puffs, not 32 Big Macs.

Let’s just first talk about how many calories he consumed in just those 30 minutes it took him to eat allllll of those Big Macs. We are talking over 18,000 calories. I probably eat that in two weeks. You can see that he actually starts to get the meat sweats like halfway through. All of this is just so intriguing to me, I get bad stomach pains when I eat too much sushi and those are just little rice rolls stuffed with fish. Can you imagine the physical pain your body would go through after eating 32 Big Macs?

Alright let’s get to the big show….buckle up.