Want Free Drinks At 7-Eleven For A Full Year? [PIC]

December 11, 2019

Megan Rage

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Whenever I’m hungover, I look at my husband and say “Let’s go to 7- Eleven and get hella drinks”. It would be so nice and save us a ton of money if we could just get unlimited free drinks for the year and shockingly, that’s actually a real thing!

Take a good look at these cups, these cups will get you 3 different things. One is for slurpees, one is for sodas/soft drinks, and one is for coffee. Whichever one you buy ONLINE ONLY TODAY, is the one you’ll be able to fill up on all year for FREEEEEE. You can shop them HERE, but they are pricey…$129! Let’s say you get the coffee one though and get one cup a day, that’s totally worth it!