A New Summer Drink Is Hitting Shelves- A Beer Seltzer [PIC]

March 12, 2020

Megan Rage

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I love the news of all these summer drinks coming out, I hope at least 25% of them are good. This one seems pretty promising, Leinenkugel is releasing a beer/seltzer. They are calling it a "Spritzen" which is a "beer with a splash of seltzer" and it's coming in 3 seemingly delish flavors, according to… Read More

Bud Light Lemonade- Your New Summer Go To? [PIC]

March 10, 2020

Megan rage

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I am a sucker for things that sounds good even though they might not be. I tried all of the Bud Light flavors and liked all of them, I actually bought the Bud Light Orange a few times but this new summertime drink sounds the best out of all of them. Introducing Bud Light Lemonade....… Read More